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霍尼韦尔压力传感器SLP-A 5A/250V【供应商】

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若需要采购霍尼韦尔压力传感器SLP-A 5A 250V,联系广州市霍尼韦尔控制元器件有限公司,优惠价格供应。

霍尼韦尔压力传感器SLP-A 5A/250V说明:

霍尼韦尔压力传感器SLP-A 5A/250V图片The SLP series of pressure sensors provides the lowest cost components for measuring very low pressures. These low pressure range devices were specifically designed to accurately measure differential and gage pressures of 0 inches to four inches of H2O.
They are meant for use with non-corrosive and non-ionic media, such as air, dry gases, and the like. These differential devices allow application of pressure to either side of the diaphragm and can be used for gage or differential pressure measurements.

霍尼韦尔压力传感器SLP-A 5A/250V参数图
霍尼韦尔压力传感器SLP-A 5A/250V参数图